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Kiddie Kredit

A mobile app experience teaching
financial literacy for all.

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A new way to
look at credit

Children are educated on many things in their early years, but a lot of times finance is left out. Financial literacy is becoming more important than ever, and one thing that should be explained about finance is credit. Families fall behind in debt very fast due to not starting out with the right financial guidance. Statistics show that ⅔ of Americans can’t pass a basic financial literacy test, and this alarming stat needs to change.

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The first step in creating
a financially free future

This is the moment we decided to develop Kiddie Kredit. The app is a mobile chore tracking platform that educates kids about credit. The premise of the app is that the better a child performs their household duties, the better their score.

Monitor your kids’
financial future as
efficient as ever

View chore progress and compare it across the platform

Track your child’s chore progress on the go. The system will give a score based on how well they complete their chores. The calculation of this parallels our traditional US credit scoring models.

Customize and personalized chore tasks at its best

Age appropriate chores are pre-populated, but feel free to add new chores and adjust the frequency and priority of each one.

Give rewards and prizes to kids based on chore board

Reward your children with either monetary or non-monetary rewards for their weekly performance and set the amount required to redeem each specific reward.

Thank us later

We feel this app is just a start to creating a younger generation of financially astute individuals who turn 18 with a high comprehension of credit, thus eliminating the pitfalls that come with falling early into debt with high interest rates.